Inspiration Özgür Baba & Hamed Habibpour

I shared work by these two a couple of years ago. So it’s time for some more. Perfect to chill to while you fix those costumes or sip your favourite hot drink.


Inspiration: Mardi, Violet & Lamia at Tarots show

This musical piece is amazing in its fluidity, and the dancing is great show of how to choreograph an effective trio-to-solo-to-trio piece. I love how the solo bits showcase the different musicality and style of the dancers, and how the group sections interweave with each other.

It inspired me so much that I danced a duet to an edited version of this at Serendipity 2018.

Happy holidays if you choose to celebrate! I’ll post Inspirational videos for the next couple of weeks while we all go through the holiday season.

Inspiration: Devi and Christine from Caravan

This is an old clip but one I really enjoy rewatching. Lovely duet between Devi and Christine from Caravan. Some very interesting passings and variations on steps we don’t see often too!


Inspiration: Özgür Baba & Gökçe Es

There’s something that feels so peaceful and wholesome about this video. Her voice is amazing, there is a beauty in the simplicity of the music, there’s an obvious respect between both performers, and the landscape is just a third performer.

In Person classes, and upcoming

My video post scheduled for today needed a voice over edit and therefore will take a while longer to happen. Apologies for that. There is a post brewing on musical theory for FCBD dancing, and another on making jersey trousers for plus sizes, so stay tuned!

On to happier news, I am planning in person classes locally. Follow me on Instagram or FaceBook to find out when and where those are happening. I am also thinking about offering belt and bra online courses, but these are still on the planning stages. As soon as I’ve made any firmer plans, I’ll publish here.

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