Upcoming November ATS® Workshops – Chichester

I will be hosting the second ATS® workshops for absolute beginners and mixed levels in November.


We will be covering part of the ATS® Level 1 course, including formations, history of ATS®, slow and fast vocabulary, how to practice at home, some conditioning, and playing zills for those who are not absolute beginners. We will have a break with refreshments, where we can discuss more about what we are learning.

When: November 10th, 1-4pm, 2019
Where: The Body Suite Pilates and Dance Studio, Chichester

If you have some ATS® or BellyDance experience: rekindle your basics, learn how ATS® works, and learn more about musicality.

Upcoming Workshops in Chichester

I will be hosting workshops on ATS® for Absolute Beginners, in Chichester. You are welcome to attend without any previous belly dance experience.

A new one will take place on October 12th between 1 and 4 pm, at The Body Suite in Chichester. We will cover the first part of the ATS® Level 1 syllabus. The idea is to give attendants the basic concepts of ATS®, formations, and some of the steps, so by the end of the class we can dance together.

The second workshop will take place later in October, and ideally, regular weekly classes will follow, depending on numbers and attendance.

If you cannot attend to the first one but have some experience and would be interested in a regular class, please register your interest with The Body Shop, so they can have an idea of numbers.

You can book your place in the workshop directly via The Body Shop’s Online Booking System here:

And follow the link above to my Classes pages to find out more about what is happening, any frequently asked questions, or if you are curious about my dance journey and approach to teaching.

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