Inspiration: Alexis Southhall’s Drum Solo

I took a workshop with Alexis about two years ago. She has flawless technique, and has a charming stage personality. I did enjoy this drum solo because it was a great show of how you can do a drum solo that keeps a lot of the “flavour” of Fusion without loosing any of the flourishes and technical showmanship you would expect from a drum solo.


Inspiration: Orchidaceae Urban Tribal

These ladies graced Infusion Emporium this past October. Piny, the choreographer, will also be teaching at Tribal Remix in May 2015.

I love how tight the whole group works, and how flawless the fusion is between styles, but most of all, I love how *strong* every single one of them looks.

Time for some shameless plugs

Hilde and Charlotte, my Fusion and ATS teachers, have finally made a video advertising their classes. It was filmed at classes over two days, so what you see there is the way classes normally work.

Hilde has also started teaching in London, and if you are looking for classes in the area, or even privates, I can’t recommend her strongly enough.

Inspiration: ATS World Wide Flash Mob 2014, Brighton

A bit late to re-post, but this was fun for quite a few reasons, mostly because we sort of run against the train station’s employee trying to shut us down before we finished, and the security guys just standing to the side enjoying the show. You can sort of see how things are going to end, can’t you. The ladies at the coffee shop were dancing with us through the glass too, which was very cool.

Sadly we couldn’t finish as there was a technical malfunction with the music. *ahem*
Next time we’ll make sure we ask permission first.

Performance: ATS Solo

Photo from my first ATS solo

My first ATS solo

A couple of weeks ago, I was due to make a performance at a local hafla where the guest teacher was from the US, and whom I’d promised I would perform. About a week before the date, my recently sprained ankle started bugging me again, so I decided to switch my planned Fusion performance for an ATS slow solo, since it would allow me to be more careful about foot placement, and would require less travelling. Parts of it were choreographed, parts of it were improvised, parts of it were not ATS at all, but I wanted something a bit closer to the real ATS feel of improvisation this time. And yes, that is the same track I did with a friend at the ATS Residential in January.

As for the costume, I’m wearing my black and silver bra and belt (process explained here), the shrug from Shimmy Sista (now fixed, you can’t see it at all!), and a custom made to measure skirt from Belladonna’s Boudoir, same people that did my pantaloons. The skirt was never supposed to be for dancing, but it was very hot and I couldn’t face the idea of dancing wearing my velvet mermaid skirt. The hip shawl I got used from Ebay ages ago, it’s beaded and has a lovely effect of glittering with dancing, and the weight makes it work better for me than the typical disco-ball inexpensive Chinese ones.

My hair for my ATS solo performance

My hair for the performance

My hair for the performance was done using a hair fall that I made ages ago, twisted and mixed with my own hair, and all twisted again into a bun. I used a couple of hair clips to secure my bangs and side, then a Miao pin to secure the bun, and then a few silk flowers to finish off the look. I’m making another similar hair fall in teals and blues, so stay tune for a tutorial on making them!

The result is in the video below. As usual, better watch it at full size on YouTube, even better at HD.

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