Time to restart this

Today I got a WordPress update notification, and when I came here to do it, realised it’s been over a year since my last post. Ooops.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’ve stopped dancing, quite the contrary. It’s that I’ve been so busy dancing that I had little time to write about it. I’d be in class or in a great workshop and I would think “I need to write about this”. And then I would get home and relax and leave it for later.

So, what I’ve been up to? I’ve kept on both my ATS and Tribal Fusion classes topped up with selected Oriental workshops, took part in the Masmoudi Student Troupe with several public performances, attended Tribal Remix where I took the intensive with Jill Parker, and Infusion Emporium where I took two of Heather Stant’s classes. I also sadly got Achilles tendonitis again (more on that, and what I am doing about it, later), and have done a few extra costume items that I will hopefully write about.

Plans for this year are mostly focusing on the Masmoudi anniversary project, although I have a couple of choreographies that are bouncing around and I need to finish. I’ve signed up for the Tribal Remix intensive with Rachel Brice and Mardi Love in September, and will finally take that intensive with Violet Scrap and Hilde.

Working within the Masmoudi student troupe was great, hugely beneficial to my dancing, but also very rewarding personally, as all the ladies are great. So much so, that when the Masmoudi tenth anniversary project opened up for this year, I signed up immediately. We will be parading in Brighton for the Kemptown Carnival, and performing at the Tribal Remix Student Showcase in September this year. And in the meantime, I’ll leave you with our performance last year at Tribal Remix in Brighton.

Inspiration: Orit Maftsir at Rakkas Istanbul

I saw Orit live at Shimmy in the City in 2012, and after seeing her dance I was very disappointed I didn’t take a workshop with her. Although I wasn’t sure I could get through a workshop, tbh. These days I would do it in a blink. I thought she was an excellent dancer, with lovely musicality, and great stage presence, and, dare I say it, I actually preferred her to Dina.

This is a great, fun shabi, and I think it shows her dancing quite while… take a look at those lovely fast precise shimmies, and how she’s engaging with her audience!

Inspiration: Aziza dancing to Luxor Baladna

It’s been a while since I posted anything that wasn’t some for or other of fusion, this came in handy. Song title translates as “Luxor is our home”, and while I’d have gone for a full saidi set with cane, I think Aziza does wonderful dancing here, to what is a great piece of music. Love mazamirs!


Inspiration: Alexis Southhall’s Drum Solo

I took a workshop with Alexis about two years ago. She has flawless technique, and has a charming stage personality. I did enjoy this drum solo because it was a great show of how you can do a drum solo that keeps a lot of the “flavour” of Fusion without loosing any of the flourishes and technical showmanship you would expect from a drum solo.


Inspiration: Orchidaceae Urban Tribal

These ladies graced Infusion Emporium this past October. Piny, the choreographer, will also be teaching at Tribal Remix in May 2015.

I love how tight the whole group works, and how flawless the fusion is between styles, but most of all, I love how *strong* every single one of them looks.

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