Inspiration: Devi and Christine from Caravan

This is an old clip but one I really enjoy rewatching. Lovely duet between Devi and Christine from Caravan. Some very interesting passings and variations on steps we don’t see often too!


Inspiration: Devi and Deborah duet

This clip is five years old, and I’m sad I only recently saw it for the first time. It’s beautiful. Enjoy!

Inspiration: Eureka Floyd at Dance! Fusion Festival 2021

I’m totally biased about this video because this is my FCBD Style Fan teacher. But before I talked about the remote nature of festivals allowing for interesting developments in performance filming and editing. I think this is a great example. Also a great example of dancing within a real environment, in nature, and away from the stage and lights, and with a bit of tango sensibility to boot. Enjoy!

Inspiration: The Siren Project, Be Tribal Online Festival

The current situation has created difficulties for live performances, but has also created opportunities for experimenting with video techniques, quite effectively. It also allows performers to take part in festivals without having to travel, which is no small feat.

I’ve personally been studying Flamenco Fan FCBD® Style dialect for a couple of years now (or is it three? November 2018 I think?), and I find it beautiful and powerful. This year I started regular online classes with my teacher Mai Roma ( @eurekafloyd on Instagram) and it’s been great for my sanity. I might post some noodling around with a fan soon (ish), but in the meantime, enjoy The Siren Project, who developed most of the fan dialect out there.

Inspiration: Philippa at Caravanseray Vienna 2016

Philippa is an amazing ATS® teachers, one of the few with Advanced Teacher Status in the UK, and with excellent tips. I’ve never attended a workshop of hers where I didn’t come out with new information.

And despite ATS® by definition not being a solo endeavor, she does amazing ATS® inspired solos. Enjoy a Throwback Thursday!

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