Inspiration: Mardi, Violet & Lamia at Tarots show

This musical piece is amazing in its fluidity, and the dancing is great show of how to choreograph an effective trio-to-solo-to-trio piece. I love how the solo bits showcase the different musicality and style of the dancers, and how the group sections interweave with each other.

It inspired me so much that I danced a duet to an edited version of this at Serendipity 2018.

Happy holidays if you choose to celebrate! I’ll post Inspirational videos for the next couple of weeks while we all go through the holiday season.

Inspiration: Stellamara with Coleena Shakti

Last inspiration post was Rachel Brice with Stellamara. This time is a different dancer, Coleena Shakti, and what almost could be a different band, as it sounds far closer to what some modern Turkish musicians have been releasing (I’m thinking of people like Mercan Dede).

Regardless of style, this is some great dancing to a lovely piece of music. Enjoy!

Inspiration: Rachel Brice with Stellamara

There is so much to love in this clip. From the gorgeous music (remains unreleased as far as I am aware) to RB’s hieratic dancing, to gorgeous lighting and brilliant atmosphere, and I can’t believe I haven’t shared this yet.

For the last couple of years there’s been hints at Stellamara recording again, and I can’t wait for them to finally release new music.

But for now, enjoy!

Inspiration: The Siren Project, Be Tribal Online Festival

The current situation has created difficulties for live performances, but has also created opportunities for experimenting with video techniques, quite effectively. It also allows performers to take part in festivals without having to travel, which is no small feat.

I’ve personally been studying Flamenco Fan FCBD® Style dialect for a couple of years now (or is it three? November 2018 I think?), and I find it beautiful and powerful. This year I started regular online classes with my teacher Mai Roma ( @eurekafloyd on Instagram) and it’s been great for my sanity. I might post some noodling around with a fan soon (ish), but in the meantime, enjoy The Siren Project, who developed most of the fan dialect out there.

Crafting a Set, revisited

Right around the beginning of last year world wide madness, I made a series of posts discussing how I craft a set, beginning to end. From selecting the music, deciding on costuming, to figuring out the dancing. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s the kind of info I wish I had found more readily available when I started.

I wrote all the posts and programmed them to release at set dates between February and April. And then COVID hit, and planning gigs was so far down on everybody’s list that it felt pointless. So let’s try these again, but all gathered together.

As I wrote there, this doesn’t mean that this is the *right* way to put together a set. Your process may be different. But hopefully reading someone else’s will maybe help you understand how it works for someone else, or maybe even consider it from a different point of view.

Question or comments? Please leave them below!

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