Inspiration: Illan Rivière – Rytmiconomy

This is an amazing performance. One of my all time favourites, not just because the movement is so clean and at different points fluid or wonderfully percussive. But because the musicality on display is just out of this world. Enjoy!

Inspiration: Mardi, Violet & Lamia at Tarots show

This musical piece is amazing in its fluidity, and the dancing is great show of how to choreograph an effective trio-to-solo-to-trio piece. I love how the solo bits showcase the different musicality and style of the dancers, and how the group sections interweave with each other.

It inspired me so much that I danced a duet to an edited version of this at Serendipity 2018.

Happy holidays if you choose to celebrate! I’ll post Inspirational videos for the next couple of weeks while we all go through the holiday season.

Inspiration: Patricia Zarnovican with Light in Babylon

I met Patricia at Gothla in 2018, I think. I was impressed with her dancing and musicality, and this clip certainly doesn’t disappoint on that front. She’s also a lovely person as well as being a lovely dancer. And if you are not familiar with Light in Babylon, is definitely worth dropping by their Bandcamp to give them a listen

Now go watch Patricia bursting with happiness, and subscribe to her YouTube channel!

Inspiration: Dhafer Youssef

It’s the final day of the year, and I decided to finish this year’s blogging with a recent YouTube discovery. Every now and then the algorithm gets it right with the recommendations.

I hadn’t heard of this performer before. He’s an Oud Master and singer, his band plays what I can only describe as World Jazz. It’s uplifting, it’s entrancing, it’s complex, and it’s gorgeous.

Let’s start 2022 in beauty.

Inspiration: Stellamara with Coleena Shakti

Last inspiration post was Rachel Brice with Stellamara. This time is a different dancer, Coleena Shakti, and what almost could be a different band, as it sounds far closer to what some modern Turkish musicians have been releasing (I’m thinking of people like Mercan Dede).

Regardless of style, this is some great dancing to a lovely piece of music. Enjoy!

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