Review: Hilde Cannoodt’s Belly Dance Geometry

I took this workshop on the same day I took Alexis’, so I was tired, but that didn’t stop me. Now, in the interest of disclosure, Hilde also happens to be my Tribal Fusion teacher, and I’d already taken a workshop with her before at Orient Expressions, but the concepts she was covering this time are a bit more abstract.

Basically, Hilde uses her background in Choreology and mathematics to view a completely different point of view to dancing, including a whole new sense of your space, body, and relationship with the audience. A lot of these concepts also, quite interestingly, overlap with traditional arts concepts like planes and symmetry. And if you have a background in 3D, like I do as part of my day job, then it becomes even more interesting.

Hilde introduced concepts like kinesphere, planes of movement, symmetry, dynamic oposition, rebound and locks, and how these started shaping our dancing and our moves. From the start, even with the warm-up, we took this concepts and applied them to become more aware of what they meant and how they applied to our specific style of dancing, there was a lot of exploration of space not just for ourselves but also in relation to dance partners, and I do remember having a fleeting amusing thought about how that can go wrong when a venue invites 10 dancers to a stage the size of a stamp and expect all of them to dance on it.

We then worked on a medium length sequence where these things came into play, with the idea that we should try to identify all of the things that were happening, and why. The combo used modern dance as well as belly dance moves, and exemplified a lot of the concepts used.

Overall impressions: this workshop does sound initially like it would be good only if you’re thinking of starting to choreograph, or if you already do, but trust me, it will bring a whole new level of understanding to your own dancing, and those of others. Don’t get me wrong, if you do choreography it will be invaluable, but even if you mainly do improvisation, committing the concepts to heart should aid you about how you approach your dancing, how you position yourself for your audience, and even the sort of movement you do, postures and gesturing.

Would I take another workshop with Hilde? I take weekly classes with Hilde and I feel very privileged for that! She’ll be doing a Choreology Intensive in February, and hubby has booked me into it as my birthday present (all together now: “Awww!”). Spaces right now are extremely limited, but if you want to know more, head over to Hilde’s Website.

Hilde will be teaching this same workshop next year at TribalFest! More info at the TribalFest website!

Body Drum and Percussion and Dance workshops with Paulinho

Originally from Salvador, Brazil, Paulinho has been involved with music and dance since the age of 7. His love for drumming has taken him all over the world for nearly 30 years. At the age of 18 he became a member of Dance Brazil, a music and dance company where American and Brazilian dancers collaborate together. With Dance Brazil he toured in the United States where he settled for many years to come.

Working with many talented musicians and dancers in New York, he eventually joined the world renowned Stomp in 1997 in which he performed for 7 years. Touring mainly in America and Europe, he shared his passion for music and dance with thousands of people. Paulinho continues to inspire people with his love for drumming and has been teaching body drum and percussion workshops for over 2 decades to children and adults of all ages.

Sunday 31st March 2013:
11am – 1pm belly dance workshop with live percussion by Paulinho
Hilde Cannoodt and Paulinho join forces in this fun belly dance workshop with live percussion. We will learn a series of new isolation combo’s, shimmy drills and travelling sequences, working towards a percussive choreography danced to the beat of the drum.

1.30pmm – 3.30pm: Body Drum workshop with Paulinho
In this workshop we will use the body as percussive tool. We will start with a vigorous warm up followed by a number of different body drum techniques and eventually working towards longer sequences. Towards the end of the class we will experiment with how we can apply these techniques into a performance.

4 – 6pm ‘found objects’ percussion workshop
In this workshop we will explore how you can create music with any object. First we will start different techniques with the objects instruments brought to class by the students, leading to working together in group to work together on a piece of music. We will also incorporate the body as a percussive tool.

What to bring:

  • Athletic attire and indoor trainers (for both body drum and found objects workshop)
  • Packed lunch and plenty of water
  • ‘found objects’ for the last workshops. This can include percussion instruments as well as everyday tools. You can be really creative with this: bubble wrap, .. try and bring more than one object!

£ 25 per workshop or £ 60 for all 3 workshops
book here:

The Dance Station
UNIT 4, 57, North Street, PORTSLADE, BN41 1DH

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