Classes FAQ

Who can attend the classes?
The classes and workshops are open to anybody above 16 years old, willing to learn, regardless of gender or size. If you have special needs that you need to discuss, please get in touch before attending

What do I need to wear? Do I need to show my belly?
You should wear comfortable, breathable clothing that shows the body’s outline. Leggings and a tank top are perfectly fine, you can wear a skirt over the leggings if it makes you feel more comfortable. A light shawl or scarf for your hip if you have it, but there will be some to borrow. Please no coin belts, they make noise and they will interfere with students hearing instructions.

What do I need to bring?
A water bottle, a notebook and pen. For the second workshop onwards, finger cymbals. If you need advice on where to obtain the cymbals, please get in touch

Do I need any special shoes?
Traditionally, belly dance is performed barefoot. If you need to wear insoles or supportive footwear, you need shoes that will allow you to pivot easily without groves or extra grip in the bottom. Dance trainers are a good option. If you need further advice, please get in touch.