Quick Update and Inspiration: Tessera at ATS® Reunion 2020

It’s been a while, and there’s so much that has happened in this year and a half. We’ve had a change in name, a much needed and ongoing discussion on cultural appreciation vs appropriation, pandemic stopping a lot of us from attending live classes and workshops, changes in terminology… way too much to write about right now. My thoughts on all of the above will be coming, I promise!

But I’ll never restart the blog if I don’t restart with *something*. So I’m leaving you with a repost of this set from Tessera Dance, with lovely dancing, great modern costuming, and some killer dialect. It was schedule to release soon after lockdown started for most of us, and it really got lost, deserves more love.

Inspiration: Tessera Dance at ATS® Reunion 2020

Tessera Dance is always fantastic for innovative dialect that remains true to the aesthetics of FCBD® Style. Or, in other words, I really enjoyed watching this set, the formation changes for the trio were brilliant, and the costume was inspired for a modern take that still showcases the moves.

The skirts are Bessies (tulip skirts with high waist, link opens in new tab) and the tops are Careless Whispers from Matadore Designs (link opens in new tab). I’m going to try making something for myself akin to the Matadore top, but toned down to use in class, so I’ll report on results when that happens.


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