Inspiration: Solstice Ensemble at The Massive Spectacular

Yes, I am a bit obsessed with everybody that I took workshops with at the moment. So you’ll have to bear with me while I post links either to performances from the Tribal Remix show or hafla, or to other performances from the same people. In the meantime, enjoy a wonderful set from the Solstice Ensemble at The Massive Spectacular. And if you can, and your bandwidth allows, do yourself a favour and watch it full size and in HD.

Inspiration: Tito and Hala duet

Proof positive that you don’t need an incredibly fancy costume when you’ve got superb technique. Look how lovely Tito’s isolations are showing on his Galabaya… and I saw a similar phenomenon when seeing Khaled dancing with one on at his workshop last year.


Inspiration: Masmoudi DC at Split Tribal Fest, 2013

In the interest of fairness, I have to disclose that the three people dancing in this video are my Tribal Fusion teacher, my ATS teacher, and her understudy. They performed this at Tribal Remix earlier this year, and again for Split Tribal Fest, although the setting for Tribal Fest made it quite more impressive.

And do yourself a favour, head over to YouTube to view the full-sized HD version.

Inspiration: Karolina Pawlowska

Yes, Fridays is usually “inspiration” day, but I sort of copped out with the Rachel Brice video last Friday, and my Fusion teacher posted this to our group. I *loved* it. She’s precise, engaging, and those Arabic shimmies are just killer. And in the second part? Her expressions are also great, she looks like she’s having a ball, and you can’t help but be drawn in.

Proof possitive that big girls can be amazing at Fusion too.

Upcoming Events

A quickie to list some events coming next in the next few weeks/months, which I should add to the event calendar, but want to also mention specially:

  • September 15th: Workshops with Hilde Cannoodt and Alexis Southall in London: Drills and Belly Dance Geometry, more details and booking on Hilde’s website
  • September 19th: Tribal Café at the Blue Man in Brighton; details and booking also on Hilde’s website
  • October 13th: Orient Expressions; Tara Ibrahim will be teaching Khaleeji. View details in their Facebook Event page
  • December 14th-15th: Fantasia Festival; lots of workshops in different styles, competitions and a show. View details and bookings
  • February 8th-9th: Choreological Study of Tribal Fusion Dance with Hilde Cannoodt; view more details
  • May 2nd-5th: Tribal Remix in Brighton; Tribal Fusion at its best! Details and early bird booking
  • June: ATS General Skills and Teacher Training Certifications; no further details yet, other than it will be taught by Carolena Nericcio

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