Inspiration: Stellamara with Coleena Shakti

Last inspiration post was Rachel Brice with Stellamara. This time is a different dancer, Coleena Shakti, and what almost could be a different band, as it sounds far closer to what some modern Turkish musicians have been releasing (I’m thinking of people like Mercan Dede).

Regardless of style, this is some great dancing to a lovely piece of music. Enjoy!

Inspiration: Rachel Brice with Stellamara

There is so much to love in this clip. From the gorgeous music (remains unreleased as far as I am aware) to RB’s hieratic dancing, to gorgeous lighting and brilliant atmosphere, and I can’t believe I haven’t shared this yet.

For the last couple of years there’s been hints at Stellamara recording again, and I can’t wait for them to finally release new music.

But for now, enjoy!

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